Earth-Chan ( 地球ちゃん / Земля-Чан / Zemlya-Chan ) Interview

Earth-Chan ( 地球ちゃん / Земля-Чан / Zemlya-Chan ) Interview

Earth-Chan (地球ちゃん /Земля-Чан / Zemlya-Chan )
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近年、海外へも徐々に広がりつつあるバーチャルYouTuber文化。今回、その中でもロシアで活動を行うEarth-Chan (地球ちゃん /Земля-Чан / Zemlya-Chan)についてフォーカスしようと思う。

Recently, Virtual YouTuber culture is gradually expanding overseas. This time, I would like to focus on Earth-Chan (Earth-Chan / лемля-Чан / Zemlya-Chan) which is active in Russia.


元々、Earth-Chanとは、ゲーム実況者YouTuberのTrinimmortalが2017年にTwitterで発したある投稿をきっかけに発生したインターネットミーム。そこから、地球を美少女化した沢山のファンアートが書かれると共に、2018年1月にVTuberとしてのEarth-Chanが爆誕した。ロシア初のVTuberと自称しており(真偽は不明)、現在YouTube CH登録者数は4万6千超え。ロシアのVTuberの中でもトップクラスの登録者を誇っている。

Originally, Earth-Chan is an Internet meme that was triggered by a post posted on Twitter in 2017 by Trinimmortal, let’s player & YouTuber. From there, many people made a lot of fan arts that made the earth a beauty girl, and in January 2018, Earth-Chan as a VTuber was born. She says she is Russian first VTuber (true or false…unknown), and currently has more than 46,000 YouTube CH subscribers. She is one of the top names among Russian VTuber.



Earth-Chan’s movie styles are mainly about studying and trying to do human cultures by herself, and Japanese animation is often taken as a subject. Occasionally, there are charming mistakes that extremity can be visible in her own words and actions.



This time, TOPPA!! tried to do her first solo interview about her trigger to start working as VTuber, thinking about people, attitude toward working as VTuber, Russian cultures and future goals.


言葉(Words) / Earth-Chan(地球ちゃん /Земля-Чан / Zemlya-Chan )
編集&翻訳(Edition & Translation) / 宮久保仁貴(Masaki Miyakubo)



First of all, please introduce yourself ,Earth-Chan


Earth-Chan : おはこんばんちきゅう!私の名前はロシア語でZemlya-chan!でも、Earth-Chanでも大丈夫。普段は私が好きな事、特に人間くん達についての動画を出してるよ。



Earth-Chan : Hi there! My name is Zemlya-chan(Russian Name),but you can also call me like Earth-Chan, it’s okay. I make videos about everything that I like, especially about humans :з

I am not too good at English speaking…but I’ll try to answer on your questions!



Why did you start to be as a Virtual YouTuber?


Earth-Chan : 長い間、人間くんとどうやったらコミュニケーションが取れるか考えていたんだけど、遂に見つけたの!VTuberになる事だってね!


Earth-Chan : I’ve been looking for a way to communicate with people for a long time and finally found it!The solution was being a Virtual YouTuber!



What do you think about human beings living in you(Earth-Chan)?


Earth-Chan : まだまだみんな私の事についてそんなに知らないみたい。だから、人間くん達にはがっかり(汗)。もしあなた達が地球について知りたいなら、私は本物の地球のバーチャル的存在だから。私のチャンネルでは、もっといろんな事が知れるよ(笑)!むしろ知って!


Earth-Chan : People still don’t know much about me.Because of it ,I think that all humans living on me, hah.If you wanna know about the earth,I’m something like virtual-soul of real earth.In my channel,you will able to know more ;)Please study about me!




Please let me know what you are aware of when you are taking videos.


Earth-Chan : 動画を作る時、人間くん達に楽しく、ハッピーな気持ちになってもらう事を考えてるよ!何故なら……そうすればこの冷たい世界で、どうやれば普通の人間くんになれるか想像出来るから(笑)。


Earth-Chan : When I’m making video,I just imagine making people fun and happy,because…I can imagine how it is to been just a regular human in this cold world by doing so :з



Please tell me the most enjoyable videos and struggling videos in the videos taken so far.


Earth-Chan : どのビデオも楽しいんだけど、その内の90%が作るの大変だったの(泣)。私は機械オンチだし、あんまり時間が無くて……でも、出来る限りの事はするよ!


Earth-Chan : For me every video is enjoyable and 90% of them are hard to produce because Im not too good with montage instruments and I often do not have enough time.But I try as I can :з



What kind of things do you usually do? (Outside movie)


Earth-Chan : う〜んとねぇ……あんまり面白い答えはパッと思いつかないや。普通の人間くん達と同じ事……YouTubeを見たり……何かを読んだり……寝たり(笑)。


Earth-Chan : Mm, I think I can’t surprise you here. I do same things as other regular people like.. Watching YouTube.. Read something.. Sleep 🙂



You mainly speak Russian.Is Russian VTuber scene going to be more bigger and bigger now? And you have been active from the beginning of Russian Vtuber scene.


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