Earth-Chan ( 地球ちゃん / Земля-Чан / Zemlya-Chan ) Interview

Earth-Chan ( 地球ちゃん / Земля-Чан / Zemlya-Chan ) Interview

Earth-Chan : そうは思わないかなぁ。ロシアではまだまだVTuberは有名じゃなくて。一年前……私が動画を作り始めた頃、確かに私は一番初めにロシア語で喋ってたVTuberだと思う。そして、今でもそうなの。


Earth-Chan : I don’t think so, VTubers still doesn’t popular in Russia. A year ago, when I started making videos,I actually think I was first Russian-speaking-VTuber. For now I think I know only one Russian speaking VTuber channel.


また、ロシアでは若者の間でどの様な文化が流行っているのでしょうか? What kind of culture is popular among young people in Russia?


Earth-Chan : 他のヨーロッパの国とあんまり変わらないと思う。アニメとか、ラップとか、そしてYouTube。


EARTH-CHAN : I think it’s very same to other european countries. Anime, rap and YouTube.



Please tell me 3 favorite points in Russia.


Earth-Chan : 私の場合は人間くん達、自然、ウォッ……いや……料理のペリメニ!間違いないよ!


Earth-Chan : For me, they are People, Nature, Vodk… Emm.. I mean pelmeni for sure!



YouTube decided that some of your videos contain offensive or inappropriate content for some audiences. Please talk about what you think about this point.



Earth-Chan : 私は悪い言葉をYouTubeで使ってないし、YouTubeにも言ってないんだけど……今の状況は良くないよね。何で?!


Earth-Chan : I did’t say bad words on and about YouTube, but I think for YouTube now is bad times coming up.Why?!



The other day you released a collaboration video with TarelkO! Please tell me the trigger of this collaboration.



Earth-Chan : そうね!TarelkOはロシアで本当に有名なアニメ系YouTuberなの。ある日、「コラボすべきなんじゃない?」って一緒に考える事があって。それがきっかけ!


Earth-Chan : Yeah!TarelkO is really famous Anime YouTuber in Russia. One day we thought together “maybe we need to make collaboration? “ and it’s all 😀



And you have touched on many human cultures.Please tell me the most impressive culture among you.


Earth-Chan : えぇ……それは難しい質問ね。私の動画で話している全ての文化は好きだから、これと決めるのは難しいよ〜。でも、答えるなら、アニメが一番好きっ!


EARTH-CHAN : Oh…It’s very hard question for me, because I like every culture about I spoke on my channel’s movies. And I can’t choose one example. But if you want so, I really like Anime, yup :3



You often see Japanese anime. What favorite anime do you like recently?


Earth-Chan : これも難しい質問だけど……でも、ジブリの全アニメが大好き!


Earth-Chan : It’s hard question too 😀

But I very like all Anime by Ghibli studio!




You also watch some YouTube movies. Who YouTuber or Virtual YouTuber do you like? In the past,you watched PewDiePie’s movie before.


Earth-Chan : 好きなCH……登録者の少ない、ロシアのマニアックなYouTuber達はよく見てる!ただ、もしあなたも知ってるCHを挙げるなら、PewDiePie、Vertasium、Vsause、h3h3Productions、Filthy Frankの動画とか、Content copシリーズかなぁ。皆英語のCH。これらのCHのおかげで、私は英語が話せるの!(でも、そんなに上手くないけどね(笑))。


Earth-Chan : About my favorite channels…most of time I have watch maniac Russian YouTubers with very small count of subscribers. But if we speak about channels that you maybe know, I also watching sometimes PewDiePie, Vertasium, Vsause, h3h3Productions, Filthy Frank’s videos, Content cop series and also english stuff. Because of this channels I can speak in English (badly, but can!) 😀



One year has passed since you started activities on YouTube! Please tell me the response of your activity.


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