Earth-Chan ( 地球ちゃん / Земля-Чан / Zemlya-Chan ) Interview

Earth-Chan ( 地球ちゃん / Земля-Чан / Zemlya-Chan ) Interview

Earth-Chan : 活動か〜……、昔より頻繁に動画を作れてないのは本当に残念に思ってて(汗)。何故なら、広告が貼れないから、作りたいと思っても、モチベーションが保てなくて。この環境が変わってくれたら良いんだけど。


Earth-Chan : About my activity. It is really sad for me that I could’t make videos more often than past. I can’t have any ads on my channel and because of it I can’t make motivations towards making videos every week (as I wanted so). I hope in future this situation will change.



Please tell me the most impressive events you have been working on so far.


Earth-Chan : 去年、バレンタインデーのお祝いを私のロシアのファンに送った事かな〜。そして、今は私のCHをいろんな面でレベルアップさせたいと思っていて!そして、引き続きYouTubeとtwitchの活動を続けると共に、私のグッズに関してのプランもあるの!


Earth-Chan : In Last year I have sended Happy Valentine’s Day felicitation to my Russian fans.

And for now I wanna make my channel “level up” for all aspects, also I want to continue making my streams on YouTube and twitch and I have big plans about my merch ;3



Are there people that you are interested in recently or would like to collaborate?


Earth-Chan : コラボ等の申し出はいつも大歓迎だし、嬉しくなっちゃうよね!



Earth-Chan : I always open and feel happy to listen your offers about claborations and etc!

Also I think it’s will be fun to make some collaboration with Japanese VTuber.



In recent years, the number of VTuber is beginning to increase in the whole world. Regarding here, please tell me what you think.


Earth-Chan : ロシアのVTuberシーンは寂しいよ〜、友達がいないから(泣)。



Earth-Chan : I am still very lonely in Russia in VTuber’s scene, because there are’nt any others :-C

But if we are speaking about Japan, I think it’s very interesting that Japanese people can have a lot of virtual friends.




Please tell me your future goals.


Earth-Chan : 全世界を私のものに!う〜んとね、つまりはまだ完全じゃないから、より良くしたくて。もっと動画も撮りたいし、生放送もまたやりたいな!そして、私の事もそうだし、私の惑星姉妹達についてももっと話したい!そのうち!


Earth-Chan : Make the whole world mine! Khm… I mean, make my (Not very perfect) channel better, also I want making videos more often than now + streaming again and I want to tell about me and my planet-sisters more, soon 😉




Finally, please have a message for Japanese VTuber fans.


Earth-Chan : まずは、インタビューありがとう!日本でも私の事を知っている人がいる事に驚いた!読んでくれてありがとう、そして、いつも助けてくれるファンのみんな、本当にありがとう!Zemlya(Earth/地球)はあなたの事が大好き!


Earth-Chan : First of all thank you for interview, I was very surprised that people know about me even in Japan! Thanks for your time and for your attention. And for sure biggest thanks to all my fans that help me with donations. Thank you all, Zemlya love you 😉

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